Open Positions

The question of introducing enhanced multimodal haptic feedback into consumer products is becoming crucial today, with the advent of a society increasingly focused on digital solutions. Smartphones and tablets, which rely entirely on touch screens for user interaction, are now commonly used to access to the internet and, for example, interact with administrations. Since current devices are cost-effective, future growth relies mostly on the applications and software development that can be done in entertainment, education and technical training, and this conclusion holds true in the rapidly expanding VR sector, which is taking benefit of the recent development of Head Mounted Displays. Devices are now accessible to more people, but a segment of the population is excluded from these digital developments: elderly individuals who struggle to use touch screens, and visually- or auditory- impaired individuals. Indeed, current HCIs provide information to users almost exclusively through visual and auditory feedback.

MULTITOUCH will train a cohort of 6 researchers in the domain of mechatronics, computer science, psychophysics, neurosciences, information and communication technologies. Talented Master students are expected for these positions.

The MULTITOUCH project expresses a sincere interest to hire women for the positions presented below.

Multimodal haptic surfacesMechatronics, Electrical Engineering Closed
Haptic Framework in VRComputer ScienceClosed
Exploring how the human brain integrates tactile, auditory and visual inputs in conditions of active touch Psychophysics, Neurophysiology
(2 positions)
Cross-Sensory perception and deprivation Psychology, neuroscience or biomedical engineering,Closed
Designing and Engineering Multimodal Feedback to Augment the User Experience of Touch InputComputer science, Information and Communications TechnologyClosed

Download the information note about ITN-MSCA fellows here.